Becky Watson

I am an EASTBIO BBSRC-funded PhD student working on immune ageing in a wild mammal, supervised by Dan Nussey, Tom McNeilly & Rose Zamoyska. My PhD project is focussed on developing and validating a variety of measures of immune phenotype in a wild population of Soay sheep on St Kilda. These measures will include FACS-based assays of T cell phenotypes, classical haematological cell counts, ELISA-based assays and ex vivo proliferation assays of lymphocytes. My aims are to understand how these different aspects of the immune phenotype relate to one another, and how they are affected by variation in environmental conditions and infection status. Using longitudinal data collected since 2011, I will test how immune phenotypes change with age across the lifetimes of indivdiuals and determine how these changes relate to fitness under natural conditions. 



Watson, R., Munro, C., Edwards, K. L., Norton, V., Brown, J. L., & Walker, S. L. (2013). Development of a versatile enzyme immunoassay for non-invasive assessment of glucocorticoid metabolites in a diversity of taxonomic species. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 186: 16-24 [Download here]