Publications - 2016 & in press

Fairlie J, Holland R, Pilkington JG, Pemberton JM, Harrington L & Nussey DH (2016) Life-long leukocyte telomere dynamics and survival in a free-living mammal. Aging Cell. On-line early. [Download here].

Watt, K, Nussey, DH, Maclellan, R, Pilkington, JG, Pemberton, JM & McNeilly, TN (2016) Faecal antibody levels as a non-invasive method for measuring immunity to gastro-intestinal nematodes in ecological studies. Ecology & Evolution. On-line early. [Download here]

Moorad, J & Nussey, DH (2016) Evolution of maternal effects senescence. PNAS. 113:362-367. [Download here]

Handel, I, Watt, KA, Pilkington, JG, Pemberton, JM, Macrae, A, Scott, P, McNeilly, TN, Berry, JL, Clements, DN, Nussey, DH & Mellanby, RJ (2016) Vitamin D status predicts reproductive fitness in a wild sheep population. Scientific Reports. 6:18986. [Download here]

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